UV Outdoor Rated 10"x10" Ivy Mat

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Using Fake Ivy as a Wall Covering

Do you have an interior or exterior wall that is just blah and needs sprucing up? Adding an artificial ivy wall could be just the thing to take that surface from dull to dynamic. We have a wide variety of verdant faux ivy mats that you can use to transform your cold, unfeeling space into a warm and welcoming vertical display. Whether the wall is indoors our outside, a high-quality UV-rated ivy wall adds an element of sophistication and elegance to a space that can't be accomplished with a picture in a frame.

Buying Fake Ivy Online is Easy

When you visit our website to shop for your fake ivy wallcovering panels, ordering is simple. Choose from our variety of ivy and other plant selections and add them to your cart. Each square measures 10" x 10", making it easy to calculate how many you will need (Example: for a 5 foot x 5 foot covering you will need 36 panels, total).

Once you've made all your selections, you can head to our customer service area with secure checkout. Have questions? Our customer service reps are a phone call away and can assist with any issues you have, including special customization needs.

Ivy, Ivy, Everywhere

Our ivy can be used in countless ways but they all enhance the look of a space. Have an outdoor open air space that you want to make more intimate? Add an ivy wall that will help muffle sound and keep passersby from seeing in. Create ivy walls that can be used as partitions to transform one large space into several smaller, more private spaces. You can even create a "living" wall indoors as a focal point for a large room or indoor open space. How you use the ivy is up to you, but it will add style to your area regardless of how it's used.