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Romantic Wedding Wall: From Concept To Creation

When approached by Bridal Guide Magazine to create a lush green wall as a backdrop for their magazine cover and inside spread photo shoot, one of our expert design consultants, Brandon McCormick set to work. "The clients only gave very general input about color and style. In this case, they did not want floral color used on the back wall itself," quips McCormick. Instead, "they asked us to have fun and create something unique and stylish" but that was "green only."

McCormick tasked local artists to create the wall featured in the photos–one that also had the advantage of both texture and depth. Since the magazine wasn't sure what sort of floral color scheme they would end up using, "we provided an assortment of our most beautiful and popular flowers to mix and match as needed," says McCormick. By providing a mixture, Bridal Guide could create bouquets and foreground interest on the shoot themselves. Artisans additionally interwove a curvaceous focal point cupping where the bride would stand, further facilitating the Bridal Guide's photographer to arrange blossoms around her, as if she were emerging from a flower bed.

Key Features of Our Living Walls:


   • Every Living Wall is unique

   • Customized to meet specific project needs
   • Mounted on a powder coated iron skeleton 
   • Floral walls are a popular backdrop for weddings   
   • Distinctive designs for artificial plants and flowers

Sized To Fit The Human Form

"Our own internal shoots use living walls which we know work well with the proportions of the human form; the most popular size for wedding photo walls being 72"L X 96"H. The size fully frames a couple (or bride) while still creating the heavy foliage and floral interest in the background." In the Bridal Guide project, since the flower colors were vaguely bridal with most flowers being in the white/pink range, we also included some reds/purples/oranges and purples that they ended up using. Varieties included were overlarge roses and peonies, chrysanthemums, and bougainvillea, along with a bougainvillea vine, subsequently draped around the bride for the inside spread. From initial contact to final product delivery, the project only took six weeks, fulfilling every expectation of Bridal Guide, to the delight of magazine readers as well.


Suitable for a wide variety of events, the most common application is to custom create green walls as photo walls, ceremony backdrops, to direct traffic, or block unsightly mechanical equipment.


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Artificial Plants Unlimited offers custom green walls and artificial living wall supplies for the discerning eye. Create your own gorgeous backdrops and scenery using indoor and outdoor artificial plants and flowers.