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For over 35 years, Artificial Plants Unlimited has been a leading manufacturer of authentic-looking artificial landscape plants, faux flowers and plant-based design accents. As such, many of our products are featured in a wide array of commercial and residential projects that look for low-maintenance, high quality, visually appealing artificial greenery and blooms.

Our premium faux plants—which include large artificial trees, topiary balls, artificial boxwood hedges, privacy hedges, and artificial succulents—are known for their realism and their colorfast, fade-resistant construct.

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Projects Featuring Our Artificial Landscape Plants

Topiaries with Team Spirit to Artfully Designed Artificial Green Walls

Custom Animal Shaped Topiaries
One of our more delighful projects, our master artisans created a set of supersized, eye-catchingly impressive University of Arizona team mascot topiaries. What better way to celebrate U-of-A than with massive design accents patterned after their sports team? And because we also manufacture planters, we had these huge custom artificial topiaries planted within our very popular landscape containers dubbed "The Modern", for their clean lines and smooth finish. This project also called for a pop of bright reddish color, so we custom-colored the set of Modern planters to a Persimmon red that added a bright and cheerful touch to the student housing deck area. 


Art in the Form of an Artificial Vertical Garden

Imagine a lush, forever-green vertical garden with a mix of artificial landscape plants of different species arranged on huge panels in an artful manner. Essentially a wall adorned with impressive hand-crafted art pieces. This is what our master artisans were able to produce, at a height of 16 feet!

By using several different types of artificial landscape plants of varying textures and colors, such as green and burgundy echeveria, agave, and sedum, we created 16 foot tall faux garden wall panels that, when placed together, transformed bare walls into head-turning masterpieces for the lobby of an ultra-modern St. Louis office building.


No-Maintenance Greenery That Lasts
As lush, zero-maintenance, weather-resistant greenery, our interior and exterior artificial landscape plants remain a go-to for designers, trade professionals, and homeowners who choose artificial landscape plants and arrangements because they maintain their green beauty throughout the seasons. The combination of high-quality, long-lasting products and custom capabilities make our faux plants the top choice for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, shopping centers, theme parks, museums, hospitals, and any place that requires the look of fresh greenery without the additional maintenance and cost.

With the breadth of our custom capabilities, we can create artificial landscape solutions to your exact specifications. For additional information and to consult with one of our design specialists, please Contact Us via our Website, or give us a call today at 888-320-0626.


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