Artificial Topiaries Buying Guide

Artificial Topiaries Buying Guide


Everyone enjoys the look of a nicely trimmed topiary. The problem is that to create that spectacular look, a healthy plant, special care, and regular trimming is needed.

Most businesses, and even homeowners, do not have the time to grow their own. That is why decorative artificial topiaries are the perfect solution.They are available in hundreds of different shapes, styles, and can be placed in any commercial planter. If you want all of the appeal of real topiaries without the hassle, then use this buying guide for outdoor artificial topiaries to tackle your next project.

Choosing the Overall Shape for your Outdoor Topiary Plants

Topiary Plant Shapes

One of the first items to consider is the overall shape you are interested in. Take a look at some of the most common shapes for outdoor topiary plants:


    • Ornamental topiary balls
    • Large boxwood topiary spheres
    • Tree shaped topiaries
    • Spiral plants that climb up a pole or stick
    • Plants shaped into various geometric shapes
    • Custom topiaries made to resemble objects and logos

Topiary Mat Options

    •Fire Retardant Boxwood
    •Variety of grasses to flowering plants


Popular Shapes for Outdoor Artificial Plants

Whether you want artificial boxwood topiaries or plants made to resemble ivy, start by deciding on a shape. The smaller topiary balls are great for entrances, decks, and patios. They can be strategically arranged to add dimension to a plain patio. Another option is to place them inside a commercial planter with taller plant life for your own custom arrangement.


Probably the most popular type of topiary and easily recognized is the spiral plants. They are also one of the more difficult types to maintain, when growing the real thing. The constant trimming and careful process of ensuring the plant spirals around its base pole is a difficult task. These are commonly used in pairs and can be used to bookend an entrance or bench.

Unique and Custom

Geometric shapes and custom configurations allow you to have a truly unique landscape. To the delight of any visitors, these outdoor artificial plants can be made to resemble any simple shape that you desire. The silhouette of your logo, or some other object, can be recreated into a beautiful topiary that will turn heads and grab attention. Some of the popular geometric shapes include obelisks and cones.

Tall Topiaries

For a less dramatic look, there are artificial boxwood topiaries that are made to resemble trees, hedges, and other basic structures. You will find these in many commercial settings. From elegantly shaped plants to simple cones, you can bring more color to any location without distracting from other areas.

Uses for Artificial Topiaries

While topiaries will look great in your yard, in your home, or at your business, they do not need to be kept stationary. Consider using them for wedding receptions, banquets, and other social gatherings. They provide a quick and easy way to decorate your event and you can reuse them for years and years to come.


With the shape and style decided, plan where your topiaries are going to go and ensure you have enough space. Also, decide how you want to display your plants. They can be placed in any commercial planter you choose.


Outdoor artificial plants are a wonderful alternative to real plants. Made from high quality materials, most visitors will never realize that they are not real live plants without careful inspection. Save yourself, or your company, time and money by using artificial topiaries for instant decoration and landscaping. Select a shape, a style, and then start browsing through hundreds of designs or have a custom plant constructed to your specifications.