Custom Artificial Topiaries - Sesame Place Characters Project

Massive Sesame Street Character Topiaries

Located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, the Sesame Place® theme park was previously the home of live plant character topiaries. Live plants, however, were found to be difficult to care for, and they did not match the characters' very recognizable branding. The park’s design team reached out to us about producing artificial topiaries for some of their most iconic characters Elmo, Big Bird and Snuffy. Our client’s custom request was very clear, we had to ensure that the finished characters would:


   • Accurately match their brand guidelines
   • Be colossal in size
   • Last for years with exterior exposure

Custom Design Specifications

Our team got to work and started by mocking up foliage samples for the different character parts, and converting the client's 3D character models into shop drawings our skilled artisans could use to build the internal powder coated iron skeletons. Once the skeletons were completed and foliage was added, we worked with the park’s team to ensure the characters had the best facial features and expressions, and they appeared to be looking in the correct directions, for their final approval.

Design Production

Despite the gargantuan size of these custom topiaries, they were delivered via LTL shipping & installed on site by landscape maintenance without requiring an outside contractor. The custom topiaries are located just inside the front gate of the theme park and are a great location for every visitor to stop and take photos with the life like characters.


   • Manufactured expertly by hand, by in house artists, with the aid of scale 3D models
   • Powder coated iron frame for solid structure & longevity
   • Exterior uv-rated long lasting foliage 

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