Fire Retardant Replica Trees KidZania Dallas Project

KidZania Dallas Fire Retardant Replica Trees

After 20 years in business and a global footprint of 28 locations in 21 countries, KidZania—an interactive education and entertainment concept designed for kids—opened to the public for the first time in the U.S., November 2019. KidZania is a safe, inclusive city built for kids ages 6-14, where they can role-play in recognizable professions, bridging the gap between school and their future careers. KidZania has plans for U.S. expansion in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and more.

For the replica trees KidZania were looking for, it was imperative that all components of the design were inherently fire-retardant rated trees to pass inspection of the stringent local fire codes. And, the branch size and foliage spread, could not be greater than the water span of their sprinkler coverage. The high fire-retardant material in the foliage and resin in the trunk, were broken down and sent for approval prior to final construction and passed with flying colors. 

Custom Design Specifications

Handcrafted by local artists, our fabricated tree trunks are expertly made using a steel base covered with commercial-density foam and hand-molded, hand-painted “bark” made from the same poly material used in the best theme park attractions. A total of eight 11.5' Maple, and two 18' Oak trees were constructed with lifelike foliage and a conduit in the middle of the trunk as a power source.

As the huge trees needed to be able to fit in the service elevator upon arrival, light assembly was required. Our fabricated tree branches are numbered and tagged prior to shipping and the KidZania team were able to easily follow the detailed instructions on how to position and install the individual tree branches with foliage, in keeping with the approved design.