Faux Hedges Buying Guide

Faux Hedges Buying Guide

Create private spaces, direct foot traffic, or obscure unwanted views with our artificial hedges. 


Manufactured for high-traffic areas, these faux hedges can be placed indoors and out for a natural-looking and functional design accent. 


Custom sized planters, colors, casters, and more available by request. 

Benefits of Commercial Grade Hedges

Constructed using a powder coated iron skeleton for maximum longevity in full exposure areas, our lush UV-impregnated, fade-resistant artificial hedges, are built to withstand all-weather environments from hot arid climates to freeze-thaw conditions.

   • Hedges can be rated for exterior use, interior use, or indoor fire retardant applications


   • Popular uses: Privacy Screen, Space Dividers, Hide Ugly Views, Noise Reduction, Signage or Decorative Accents

   • Popularly used by: Hospitality, Municipalities, Airports, Schools, Retail & Public Spaces


   • Width minimum on hedges is 4inW, no limit on height or length

   • Delivered LTL and designed to be installed by client on-site without the need of a specialty contractor                 


   • Mounts: Hedge bolted to ground, weighted in on-site planter, or in one of our custom fabricated planters


   • Customization options include: Logos, Signage, Picture Frames,          Decorative insets, string lights, spotlights, hidden locking casters & custom shapes/detail



The quantity of sun that is received should be taken into account. While our indoor hedge will last for years even with partial sun, in say a window vignette, full exterior exposure must use the exterior rated foliage to ensure longevity.  Fire Retardant (IFR) and even a combination of UV Exterior & Fire Retardant is available.

Privacy screen

Balconies, rooftops, pools, anywhere that privacy is needed. Hedges provide a 100% privacy screen and can be built to the exact height/length needed to block the problematic view/intrusive sightlines.  For space constricted areas, hedges can be custom made to hug railings, maximizing valuable living space.
Space divider

Creating flex space out of a larger area is a common application.  This can allow hospitality clients to rent out the same space for 2 smaller events.  Restaurants use hedges as cafe barriers, mounted on wheels to roll in and out of the dining room during business hours to create temporary outdoor spaces safe from vandalism at night.  Blocking off areas you don’t want clients to go and directing traffic are also popular uses.  In addition to just being a space divider, hedges can also incorporate cutouts, product mounts and/or signage to help promote the business.
Hide ugly view/noise reduction

Especially in cities, there are many high-end commercial spaces near busy roadways & railroads.  In addition to being able to block out the unsightly views, the density of foliage helps reduce noise pollution and create a more peaceful space.  If a dirty dumpster is the view of your corporate front lobby, a simple hedge can blend it into the background without affecting access.  On that note, screening industrial equipment/air conditioners/satellite dishes is a very common use.  Rooftop recreational spaces will always have ugly vents & equipment in areas where live plants would be difficult to grow and care for.  Hedges can be built to surround these items with the specified clearance on each side and an open top to allow venting & the release of heat.  Covering up exterior piping/wiring/draining/fixtures that can otherwise not be hidden is also a popular use.
Decorative accent

Most often used in decorative areas where live plants would not thrive, many buildings could use a splash of green anyway.  Decorative accent hedges can be used to highlight another part of the design or fill blank walls/spaces.


Bolt together for long runs


Our hedges are designed to be shipped and delivered on a truck, easily put together on site without the use of specialty contractors.  That does not mean they are small hedges, just specify the exact length, width & height needed for your space. Very long or tall hedges are manufactured in pieces up to 8’Lx8’H, with an attachment system to bolt the pieces together into your specified shape/size.  This provides a single contiguous hedge without requiring building it on-site.

Weight/bolt tall sizes


For very tall hedges or those being used in high wind areas, we recommend bolting down to the floor if at all possible.  Bolting tabs are included at the bottom of every hedge.  If that is not possible, hedges can be manufactured in planters that can be filled with gravel to create a similar stability.

Recommended widths


The standard width of most hedges is 12"W.  We have found this to be a good middle ground between stability and limiting intrusions into floor space.  That said, hedges can be made as narrow as 4"W and as thick as you need them.  Our design team reviews every hedge before manufacture begins and we will make recommendations if we have stability concerns based on hedge width.

Mount Type

On ground


Hedges without planters mounted directly on the ground creates what amounts to a privacy fence.  The hedges should be bolted into place for permanent applications or just bolted to each other/left freestanding for temporary applications.

In existing planter/space


Poured in place & existing planters are often off square/odd shapes or have other features that make beautifying them difficult.  Because our hedges are manufactured using a powder coated iron skeleton that is built exactly to size, we can easily accomplish odd shapes/angles or other strange needs that arise from non-traditional planting areas.

In a Planters Unlimited planter


The most mobile and finished hedge version we offer comes mounted in one of our custom fabricated planters from our sister brand Planters Unlimited.  Not only can they come with hidden locking casters, but weight can be easily controlled (by leaving the planter empty or filling with ¾” gravel.  The planters are as customizable as the hedges, choose your size (we specialize in single large runs)/color/finish/style to match any decor.


Customizing Faux Hedges



Many kinds of signage can be used on either the planters or the hedges.  For planters, we can attach client signage using J-channels, create fully 3D logos molded into the fiberglass or GFRC, or do cutout logos backlit with pre-installed LED lighting.  Logos/Signage on the hedges can be done using different foliages/bushes/vines/flowers to match client artwork or even create 3D topiary logos integrated into the hedges.  Hedges often serve as a picture frame to monument signs too.

Picture frames/insets


Picture frames are a common custom use for artificial hedges.  Used as photo opportunities at parties, trails, museums, historic monuments, concerts, or weddings, they can be manufactured for permanent or temporary/moving applications.  This is a very high impact way of highlighting photo opportunities.



Lighting can be integrated into faux hedges in a variety of ways.  LED string lights can be permanently integrated into the foliage to get a “Christmas hedge” look and provide significant safety lighting if lining a walkway.  Spotlights can be added to any part of the hedge to spot on the hedge itself, highlight integrated signage, or simply as a mounting area for room spotlights that are difficult to mount in other areas.



Most faux hedges are lightweight enough that 1-2 people can move them with ease, but for applications where the hedges need to be moved often in high traffic areas, we recommend having the hedge mounted in a planter with hidden locking casters.  Being able to roll hedges over flat surfaces creates on-the-fly flex spaces for event companies and restaurants.

Angled corners/shapes


Odd shapes, angled corners, or even large custom faux hedge and topiary pieces are available. Be creative when you are thinking about what hedges can do.  From pop-up hedge mazes to scalloped tops to specialty logos & mascots, we do best with projects that other companies don’t want to look at.