High Density Horsetail Reed Screen-Brickman Group NY

Artificial Horsetail Reed: Bringing the Outdoors In Brickman Group, New York

Artificial Horsetail Reeds bridge the gap between nature and modern design, achieving a form and function that translates well in both indoor and outdoor applications. The clean lines of these natural-looking reeds make them popular space dividers for restaurant seating areas as well as decorative linings for office hallways. The vertical groves are also a good solution for clients with space limitations, as they can fit into spaces as narrow as five inches. Mixed in height to achieve a realistic look, our horsetail reeds can be customized in both height and density, allowing you to achieve the privacy level you desire for your space.


Features & Benefits


   • Natural-looking, strikingly realistic bamboo design
   • Ideal for use as privacy screens and space dividers
   • Modern, “Zen”-inspired design accent
   • Customize reed density, height, and color
   • UV-resistant for fade-free outdoor use

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