Living Walls - Office Building Project

Large Artificial Succulent Wall Frames

At Artificial Plants Unlimited, we are known for our ability to conceptualize and create custom plant creations that meet our clients' needs in both aesthetics and practical application. So when award-winning ambient designer Roel Ventura from the landscaping firm Ambius asked us to create a dramatic wall display for one of their clients, we were ready to get started immediately.

The property was the 600 Tower, a recently refurbished corporate tower in the Mercantile Exchange District of downtown St. Louis. Ventura, a designer that specializes in interior plants and ambient scenting solutions, wanted us to create artistic and realistic-looking artificial living walls for the building's lobby. The replica living walls would need to match the building's newly refurbished, modern design while also be enticing to passersby on the downtown thoroughfare, as it would be visible from the street through the building's floor-to-ceiling windows.

Custom Design Specifications

Ventura wanted the look of live plants but without the added cost and constant maintenance, not to mention messy dripping water and withering brown foliage. We suggested Replica Succulent Panels with our indoor artificial succulents in the mix and design of their choice that, when placed side by side, would create a continuous pattern. Using a mix of green and burgundy faux echeveria, agave, sedum and other textural succulents, we made three living wall panels, each of which reached 16 ft. tall, for their lobby. We also made a slightly smaller replica living wall in a similar plant design for the end of the lobby corridor, near the elevators.

This project did come with its challenges, but we were prepared. The replica living wall panels couldn't be bolted directly into the wall. Our solution was to engineer extra frame supports for the panels so that the panels could be hung from the ceiling using cables. These supports and hardware were made to match the silver PVC frames of the living wall panels, for a seamless look.

Ventura and his client were both excited about the outcome of the replica living walls, both with their beauty and the easy installation instructions we provided for them. "Thank you again for all your assistance with this project," Venture said once the panels were installed. "In person, the lobby panels are even more impressive, especially in the evening!"

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