Framed UV Outdoor Rated Replica Living Walls

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$432.00 - $2,592.00
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Replica Living Wall Details:

  • Mixture of plants may vary from the photograph
  • Outdoor Rated for full sun & weather exposure
  • Features a mixture of short/tight foliages combined with larger ferns, vines & bushes to create dimension and flow, mimicking live plants
  • Powder Coated Black metal frame included.  Customizations welcome
  • To clean, simply spray off with a garden hose
  • Every wall is made by hand, send us your concept photo and we can replicate the look
  • Can be custom sized down to the 1/4" to exactly fit your area, call for a custom quote

Get a stunningly lush vertical garden - no sun, water or plant care required. Artificial green walls are taking the contemporary design scene by storm because of their fresh and easy demeanor. Where interiors need a little boost of color and life, plastic living walls provide that coveted "green" look. And for clients with an eye on cost-savings, these wall installations are free of live plant maintenance expenditures.

Here artificial green walls are made up of luxurious variegated greenery, long grasses, ivy, succulents and cascading vines with green leaves and floral blooms. Plants are woven onto a sturdy iron grid that keeps plastic living walls invisibly structured and these designs are cedar-framed to make each installation a striking work of art. The best part about a vertical garden "no sun required" is that it can go anywhere indoors. Boutique offices, executive atriums and business reception desks can all benefit from this refreshing, green backdrop.