UV Outdoor Rated 21" Liriope Bush

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Discover our UV Outdoor Rated 21" Liriope Bush – the key to elevating your landscape with ease and no maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Red and Green Foliage: Standing tall at 21", our Liriope Bush showcases a stunning mix of red and green leaves, injecting a vibrant burst of color into your outdoor surroundings.

  • Effortless Planting: Delivered with a bare stem, you have the flexibility to "plant" it in your preferred container, seamlessly adapting it to your unique landscaping vision.

  • Expansive Coverage: After a simple "fluffing," this bush spans approximately 15" in width, instantly blanketing your chosen area with lush, lifelike foliage.

  • UV Rated for Outdoor Resilience: Designed to thrive in outdoor environments, our Liriope Bush is UV rated, ensuring it maintains its vibrant appearance even when basking in the sunlight.


Envision a beautifully landscaped courtyard without the demands of watering, pruning, fertilizing, or perpetual upkeep. With our ultra-realistic artificial liriope plants, this vision becomes a reality. Known as lilyturfs or spider grass, these captivating grassy plants are renowned for ground cover and enhancing flowerbeds and container gardens. Now, you can seamlessly incorporate these cherished bushes into your own landscape, be it indoors or outdoors.

Among the most lifelike outdoor-rated artificial plants on the market, our artificial liriope plants offer the ideal solution for infusing your space with vibrant plant life. Each 21" lilyturf instantly blankets an area of about half a square foot – no need to wait for seedlings to grow! Free from the demands of watering, fertilizing, or pesticide treatments, these artificial bushes provide enduring decorative ground cover at a lower overall cost compared to live plants. Mix and match them with our other artificial ground cover plants to craft the perfect landscaped look.

Elevate your landscape effortlessly with the UV Outdoor Rated 21" Liriope Bush, bringing the beauty of nature to your space without the accompanying maintenance demands.