UV Outdoor Rated 5 FT Olive Tree with Natural Trunk

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This 5-foot artificial outdoor rated olive tree is a made-to-order product designed to bring natural beauty to your outdoor space without the hassle of maintaining a live plant. It features 2232 UV rated leaves that are carefully crafted to resemble the real olive tree leaves and are attached to a natural wood trunk, adding to its authentic look and feel.

The tree stands 5 feet tall and approximately 22 inches wide, making it a great addition to any garden, patio or landscape. The weighted base included with the tree ensures easy installation into planters, pots, or any other suitable containers.

The artificial outdoor rated olive tree is ideal for those looking for a low maintenance alternative to live plants, and its UV-rated design ensures it will withstand harsh weather conditions and remain vibrant and beautiful for years to come. Note that the decorative pot shown in the image is sold separately.

Overall, this made-to-order artificial olive tree is an excellent choice to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space without the worry of upkeep.

** plant in containers or ground with adequate drainage, avoid standing water next to natural trunk