UV Outdoor Rated 5ft Ficus Tree

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The UV Outdoor Rated Artificial Ficus Tree is a high-quality, lifelike plant that is designed to withstand outdoor elements. It is made to order from UV rated polyblend materials, ensuring that it can resist fading and damage from the sun's UV rays.

The tree stands at 5 feet in height and spreads out to approximately 50 inches in width, making it a substantial addition to any outdoor space. It comes with a natural wax myrtle wood trunk that has been de-barked for a clean, modern look. The base of the tree is weighted to ensure stability and prevent tipping.

The tree features a total of 2352 leaves of varying sizes and colorations, which have been carefully designed to create a realistic, natural appearance. The leaves are arranged in a way that mimics the growth pattern of a real ficus tree, making it difficult to distinguish the artificial plant from a real one.

Please note that the decorative pot is not included with the purchase of the UV Outdoor Rated Artificial Ficus Tree.