UV Outdoor Rated Boxwood Topiary Cube in Weighted Base

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Introducing the UV Outdoor Rated Boxwood Topiary Cube in Weighted Base, the key to maintaining immaculate lines in your commercial landscape design without the need for incessant pruning.

Versatile Elegance for Various Settings:

Crafted to cater to larger retail spaces, as well as smaller settings like offices or private homes, our Duraleaf boxwood topiary trees are your answer to outdoor endurance. Designed to brave the elements, these trees retain their charm in the great outdoors.

Geometric Precision and Unobstructed Views:

The cube shape of these topiaries seamlessly complements the geometric elegance favored by French and Italian garden designs. Their moderate height ensures they won't obscure the beauty of your surroundings or other landscaping elements.

Durable Construction:

With a metal core enveloped in weatherproof foliage, these topiaries boast a natural wood trunk and a sturdy plaster base. The weighted base ensures stability and longevity, making it an ideal choice for various outdoor settings.

Planting Flexibility:

While a planter is not a necessity, if your trees won't be frequently moved, utilizing planters or burying the bases can be advantageous for optimal stability.

Elevate your outdoor landscape with the enduring elegance of our UV Outdoor Rated Boxwood Topiary Cube in Weighted Base. Embrace the beauty of nature without the hassle of constant maintenance. Order yours today and redefine the aesthetic excellence of your outdoor space.


• 21" Overall Height, 13" Square Cube Foliage, exposed trunk ~ 3.5", weighted base 4.5" height

• 39" Overall Height, 23" Square Cube Foliage, exposed trunk ~ 10.25", wieght base 5.75" height