UV Outdoor Rated Lush Living Walls

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UV Outdoor Rated Lush Living Walls Details:

  • Outdoor Rated for full sun and weather exposure
  • Features a mixture of short/tight foliage
  • Powder Coated Iron Backing can be manufactured with either flush or 1in. standoff mounts
  • To clean, simply spray off with a garden hose
  • Can be custom sized down to the 1/4" to exactly fit your area, call for a custom quote

Trade in flat wall art for a dimensional artificial garden. Indoor decor often calls for something to revitalize the space, and framed artificial living walls do just that. Luxurious vertical arrangements of faux plants are right on point with modern design trends that spotlight the use of natural elements to enhance our interior lives.

The plush design featured here is well-suited to display as a commercial vertical garden. Artificial plants are made from quality poly-blend materials that give each stem, leaf and blade of grass realistic color, shape and texture. And for structure, plants are interwoven onto a sturdy iron framework that attaches to interior walls or another flat surface. To polish the look off, an elegant border of Western Red cedar surrounds the green collage, transforming each piece into a real work of art.

For clients that want a lush commercial vertical garden, artificial arrangements provide a realistic, cost-efficient alternative to live planting. Arrangements do not need the attention of a gardener and require virtually no maintenance - just intermittent spot cleaning for dust and other normal buildup. This arrangement combines short and long blades of grass, shapely ivy leaves and a lush moss-like ground cover. The result is an abstract pattern teeming with lively variety.

In modern restaurants, executive offices, and commercial atriums, a vertical garden in artificial materials makes a smart accent - both aesthetically and fiscally. Where property owners and managers have an eye on keeping cost down, a framed artificial living wall helps to capture the spirit of "green" design without the ongoing maintenance.

Turn to faux plants for a range of design projects, including high-end estate properties, reception areas and executive meeting rooms. Clients and designers both love the combination of practical and aesthetic, and green walls are the ideal alternative to flat paintings and printed wall art. Liven up any design project with this lush design. Size and frame finish are customizable.

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