UV Outdoor Rated Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Spheres

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These Ornamental Boxwood Topiary spheres are reinforced to avoid deformation, meaning they can be used loose in landscape designs without worry about excessive heat or weather. For seasonal or permanent installations, the 11in.D sphere and over are filled with a high density weatherproof foam. A beautiful decorative addition to any exterior space, you can spruce up exterior spaces and seating areas without the need for maintenance or dead leaves. Simply spray off the spheres if they become dusty. With a longer and looser foliage than our standard boxwood topiary balls, the tendrils have a tendency to directionally droop over time like a live plant.

  • Sizes 11in.D and over feature a weatherproof foam core
  • Foliage is outdoor rated for full exterior weather exposure
  • Available in sizes from 6in.D-22in.D
  • Custom Planter & Trunk Options Available, Call for Info