UV Outdoor Rated Variegated Boxwood Topiary Ball

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Introduce a touch of charm and uniqueness to your landscape design with our Variegated Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Balls. Variegated plants are a rarity in nature and highly sought by serious plant collectors looking for stylish alternatives to the average green plants. Our Variegated Ornamental Boxwood Topiary Ball provides eye-catching color variation in its leaves and modern elegance with its geometric spherical design.

With our UV-protected foliage, we have eliminated the need to worry about the variegated plant reverting to green or turning brown in the sun. Each of the outdoor artificial plants featured here is constructed out of quality-grade polyethylene. This caliber of faux boxwood displays well in high-end commercial and residential settings, and topiary balls are suited to a range of applications. Use these topiary balls as statement pieces to make stylish highlights in pots, to showcase an entrance, brighten dim areas, define pathways and steps; or use them as a design accent for your existing hedges or posts. Their application is boundless.

"Ornamental" Boxwood Topiary Balls feature a fuller design than other topiary ball styles. For a low-maintenance exterior enhancement, this is a premier faux plant alternative. And for matching planters, ask about our fiberglass, composite and wood containers.