Wild Outdoor Rated Cypress Bush

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Outdoor Rated Cypress Bush Details:

  • Crafted from resilient plastic foliage with built-in UV protection for enduring outdoor use.
  • Shipped with a bare stem, allowing you to seamlessly "plant" it in your preferred container.
  • 24" Overall Height with 5" stem x 14"-16" diameter
  • 30" Overall Height with 6" stem x 18"-20" diameter
  • 36" Overall Height with 8" stem x 20"-22" diameter

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Elegance:

Renowned for their versatility as both natural outdoor decor and convenient privacy screens, brushy cypress plants have found their place in both residential and commercial landscapes. Now, you can relish the timeless allure of this evergreen beauty without the burdens of maintenance, thanks to our remarkably realistic artificial cypress bushes, available in three sizes.

These attractive faux cypress plants offer a myriad of creative possibilities to elevate your outdoor surroundings. Crafted from premium-quality plastic infused with UV inhibitors, they stand resilient against the elements, providing invaluable weatherproofing and fade resistance. Since they are artificial, you're spared the tasks of watering, pruning, or spraying, allowing you to savor their beauty year-round.

Seamless Integration into Your Living Landscape:

Struggling to achieve the perfect look for your landscape? Live bushes can fall victim to a range of challenges, from pest invasions to inclement weather. Why endure the headache when you can effortlessly replace your live bushes with these lifelike artificial alternatives? Plant them in any outdoor location, and you'll never worry about harsh sun, torrential rain, or voracious deer. Artificial greenery offers a flawless, enduring look that spans seasons, and you can even combine them with live plants for a harmonious blend.

Craft Your Private Oasis or Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces:

With individual cypress sticks adorning a robust stem, our artificial cypress plants shine brilliantly in your favorite planters. Customize the foliage density to meet your decorative vision, whether it's creating an intimate patio or courtyard sanctuary with a dense formation for privacy screening or gracing your front porch or business foyer with elegant planters on either side of the entryway.

Embrace the allure of nature without the upkeep. Elevate your outdoor spaces effortlessly with the Wild Outdoor Rated Cypress Bush. Order yours today and transform your surroundings into a haven of enduring beauty.

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