40" Square UV Outdoor Rated Mixed Foliage Tile

$125.00 - $4,800.00
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Our 40in. Mixed Foliage Wall Tile features a mixture of 4 of our most popular omni-directional artificial plants, allowing you to adjust the orientation of each panel to maximize natural flow through your DIY artificial living wall. Each tile will cover 11.11 sqft and is mounted on a flexible plastic grid backing for easy install using staples or zip ties. Made from non-permeable materials, maintenance is as easy as spraying off the wall with a low-pressure garden hose to remove dust/dirt. Interested in having a larger size custom made to fit your space or get added detail? Give us a call for a quote!

40"x40" square- These are loose packed tiles and need to be assembled once received.

Bulk pricing-- buy in bulk and save up to 20% off