UV Outdoor Rated Horsetail Reeds by the Square Foot

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Outdoor Artificial Reeds make for low maintenance, faux plant coverage. Strikingly realistic, the artificial outdoor reeds from Artificial Plants Unlimited are also durable, inherently UV-protected and rated for exterior commercial applications. Utilize artificial horsetail reeds to conceal retaining walls or visibly enhance commercial walkways in with eco-fresh style.

Our artificial outdoor reeds are sold in three convenient methods: artificial horsetail reeds by the square foot, artificial reeds in clusters or individual reeds to create your own display, piece-by-piece. For purchases of artificial horsetail reeds by the square foot, density options are offered at standard, medium or high density depending on the coverage needed. Standard heights of Equisetum sold online are sold up to 6 feet tall (72") please do not hesitate to call for additional sizes.

On top of options for artificial outdoor reeds seen online, Artificial Plants Unlimited can also accommodate most custom orders. Get the stunning look and feel of life-like artificial reeds in any climate, free from the rigors of live planting.

Outdoor Rated Artificial Reeds are placed into commercial grade foam before shipping. This foam is painted brown for enhanced realism. Soil or moss toppers are available, call for for custom quote.