Outdoor Rated Fountain Grass- 2 Colors

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  • Introducing our Outdoor Rated Fountain Grass in Two Colors, a game-changing solution for your outdoor decor.

    Key Features:

    • UV-Protected and Hardy: Crafted from resilient plastic foliage with built-in UV protection, our fountain grasses are designed to thrive outdoors without fading or deteriorating.

    • Effortless Planting: Shipped with bare stems, these grasses offer you the flexibility to "plant" them in your preferred container or directly in the ground.


    Ultra-Realistic Appearance:

    With varying lengths of slender blades of grass reaching skyward, our artificial fountain grass boasts an unbelievably authentic look. The touchable texture and a range of green and yellow hues complete the realism. Even from up close, visitors won't distinguish it from the real thing. Plant it by your mailbox, along driveways, walkways, or garden beds, creating a striking vertical focal point.

    For an even more lifelike display, pair this artificial landscaping grass with live seasonal flowers, grasses, and shrubs. These green outdoor artificial grass plants are crafted with UV-protectant weatherproofing, ensuring they remain vibrant in any outdoor location.

    Versatile Design Applications:

    • Patio and Atrium Elegance: Elevate your patio or atrium with these fountain grasses, beautifully placed in your favorite planters.

    • Space Division: Create eye-catching low- to medium-density space dividers in offices, restaurants, or hotels with our tall fountain grasses.

    • Decorative Focal Points: Use them to add a modern decorative focal point in a lobby, foyer, or reception space.

    Color Options:

    • 54" Purple Fountain Grass: Featuring a bare stem, approximately 24 inches in width when fluffed.

    • 60" Green Fountain Grass: Also with a bare stem, approximately 24 inches in width when fluffed.

    Pair our Green Fountain Grass with the Purple Fountain Grass for a diverse and captivating look.

    Elevate your outdoor decor with ease using our UV Outdoor Rated Fountain Grass in Two Captivating Colors. Enjoy the beauty of nature without the maintenance. Transform your surroundings today and redefine the aesthetic excellence of your outdoor spaces.