UV Outdoor Rated 17" Wheat Grass Bush

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Transform your outdoor spaces effortlessly with our UV Rated 17" Wheat Grass Bush. Gracefully standing at 17 inches in height, including a sturdy 4-inch PVC stem, and naturally expanding to 17 inches in width after arranging, this UV-rated plant showcases variegated colorations in light, medium, and dark green. Each leaf is delicately thin and tapered, capturing the beauty of nature while standing up to the elements.

Key Features:

  1. UV-Resistant Longevity: Crafted with UV-rated materials, our Wheat Grass Bush maintains its vibrant, lifelike appearance, defying fading even under direct sunlight. Enjoy year-round beauty without the need for constant care.

  2. Naturalistic Beauty: The delicate, tapered leaves and variegated coloration make this artificial wheat grass virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. It infuses your outdoor decor with the elegance of nature.

  3. Versatile Planting: Whether you're enhancing planters, pots, window boxes, or embarking on ambitious landscape projects, this Wheat Grass Bush is the perfect choice. Its adaptability suits a wide range of outdoor settings.

  4. Bulk Pricing: Save up to 20% off with bulk pricing.  Need additional quanitites?  Contact us for a custom quote.


  • Planter Paradise: Elevate your planters and pots with this lifelike wheat grass for a refreshing, maintenance-free green touch.

  • Window Box Charmer: Enhance the appeal of your windows with this artificial bush, creating an inviting and charming atmosphere.

  • Landscape Enhancement: Incorporate the Wheat Grass Bush into your landscaping projects to introduce texture and visual interest to your outdoor spaces.

Experience the allure of nature without the hassle of upkeep. Our UV Rated 17" Wheat Grass Bush is your ticket to adding carefree, realistic greenery to your outdoor decor. Elevate your outdoor ambiance effortlessly.