UV Outdoor Rated Duraleaf 10"x10" Plush Boxwood Mat

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Create the most desired roofdeck in the city by adding outdoor artificial living walls that always look their best. Duraleaf Plush Boxwood Mats are our thickest rendition of faux boxwood hedge material, allowing for a lush appearance that will easily enhance your space. The 10"sq. size of these panels makes designing green walls fast and easy, since their sizable panel allow for full coverage where it's needed. Simply calculate the square footage of the wall you need to cover and drop the number of panels you need into your shopping cart to create a beautifully "alive" wall for all to adore. These walls may look like the real thing, but they don't require all the maintenance you'd anticipate from a real living wall. They'll hold up against UV rays and other weather related damage as well, providing years of beauty and style that you'll love showing off. They're ideal for offices and other public settings, but you'll also find that they add a real flourish to your home's décor as well.

50" x 50" Space = 25 Panels

Green wall coverings also are a maintenance-free way to update office buildings and decorate indoor and outdoor shopping malls on a budget. 

Bulk pricing: the more you buy the more you save!