UV Outdoor Rated Duraleaf Plush Japanese Boxwood Frame

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Japanese boxwood is a lovely plant that is vibrant and adds light and texture to a room. With artificial Japanese boxwood frames, you can order custom shapes or sizes. Artificial Outdoor Living Wall Frames will never require trimming, watering or other costly maintenance. Faux boxwood is made from a poly-blend that is more suitable for using as a frame than a live plant would be. The material is UV protected so it won't fade in natural or artificial light. The foliage is woven onto an iron frame which is powder coated. The frame also creates a sturdy backing that is ready to complete pictures, photos, signs for a business or the business' sign itself. The frames are ideal for hotels that use directional signs, marketing firms, malls that are advertising sales, office buildings that want to find a creative way to display art and other public places where signs are used to convey information to people.

  • Can be used as a selfie station if mounted between posts
  • Mounted on a powder coated iron backing with mounting tabs
  • Plush Japanese Boxwood Foliage is 3in. Thick
  • Rated for outdoor use with full weather exposure