Outdoor UV Rated 84" Reed Leaf

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Transform your outdoor space with the UV Outdoor Rated Artificial 84" Reed Leaf Plant. Standing at an impressive 84 inches in height, this Reed leaf plant features a lush width of 16 to 18 inches, allowing for customizable arrangements to suit your preference.

Included with this lifelike plant is a sturdy weighted base, measuring 5.5 inches in diameter and is 5 inches in height, included in the overall height of 84".

This striking artificial plant boasts 114 variegated UV-protected leaves in alternating shades of dark green and light green. The leaves are thoughtfully designed with varying lengths and widths, replicating the beauty of nature in every detail. Create a stunning outdoor oasis with this incredibly realistic and weather-resistant Reed Leaf Plant, bringing the charm of the outdoors to your space effortlessly.