UV Outdoor Rated Horsetail Reeds- Individual

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Explore our selection of UV Outdoor Rated Horsetail Reeds - available individually for your convenience. These lifelike fake horsetail stems are a seamless replica of their living counterparts, adding a touch of nature's elegance to your outdoor decor.

Key Features:

  • True-to-Nature Design: Our Outdoor Artificial Reed individual stems mirror the appearance of live horsetail plants with remarkable accuracy. Each stem features a dark green, tall shoot adorned with horizontal joints, capturing the essence of nature's beauty.

  • UV Resistant and Outdoor Rated: These artificial reeds are outdoor-rated and equipped with UV protection, ensuring they remain vibrant and durable even in direct sunlight.

Endless Design Possibilities:

Our individual fake horsetail stems offer boundless design possibilities. Use them as convenient inserts to add height to your existing planter arrangements, or group them together for clusters of tall artificial plants, creating an exotic and captivating aesthetic.

Whether you choose to place them in the ground, within planters, or among other live or contemporary artificial plants, these Horsetail Reeds bring a fresh and chic dimension to your outdoor space.

Tailored Heights with Bulk Pricing:

Select from a range of heights, spanning from 24 to 72 inches, and take advantage of our bulk pricing options for added savings.

Elevate your outdoor decor effortlessly with our UV Outdoor Rated Horsetail Reeds - Individual stems. Embrace the beauty of nature without the upkeep. Explore our selection today and redefine the aesthetic excellence of your outdoor space.