UV Outdoor Rated Bamboo Cluster - 3 sizes

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Liven up your outdoor space, or add a little privacy anywhere it's needed with this exterior faux bamboo. Bamboo is naturally beautiful, serene, and really sets the mood if you're looking for a little tranquility. But it can also be hard to grow and maintain, and who has the time for all that? These clusters of three- six- or nine canes offers all the good looks you desire but without all the maintenance. That means you get the look and feel you're going for yet you won't spend time watering or caring for your new plants. Choose from yellow, green, and black canes to easily accommodate your exterior design theme.

These bamboo canes are easily installed, and they stay in place without worry. They'll also last for years without fading, even when placed in areas with direct sun. You can rest assured they will maintain their authentic appearance over time. Lush leaves and chutes stem from each cane to create a rich and vibrant scene when they're placed together, creating a private area for seating. Or, add even more privacy by combining additional clusters of faux bamboo to your outdoor areas. Perfect for use at home or in commercial areas for instant curb appeal.