UV Outdoor Rated Individual Cane Bamboo

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UV Outdoor Rated Individual Cane Bamboo Details:

Add some Asian flair to your surroundings with artificial bamboo. Ornamental bamboo is a fast-growing plant whose aggressive expansion can challenge even experienced gardeners. To get the look without the hassle, use faux bamboo stalks instead.

This outdoor-rated artificial bamboo is UV-resistant, so it can withstand the sun's harsh rays for years without fading. Because it lasts longer outdoors, you get greater value from your purchase.

Outdoor faux bamboo is sold in three ways: by the individual cane, in clusters, or in rectangular "groves" that provide privacy screening. This fake bamboo cane can be manufactured in many different sizes, from 5' to 14' tall. Choose your desired height in the dropdown menu above. The cane's diameter is 1"-2" and the leaves spread approximately 24" wide. Bamboo Stalk Colors: Yellow, Green, or Black.